Woodland Utensils ‘Blue Ladder’ (framed piece)


A framed composition of ceramic pieces and found materials to form a unique mixed-media collage in a dark stained wood un-glazed frame with grey backing board. The exterior dimensions of the frame are: h 33cm x w 26cm.


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Framed ceramics and mixed media assemblage – each one is unique. This piece features a cobalt blue porcelain ladder, metal and wood found objects, a white stoneware spatula, a red stoneware ladle and disc.

All the objects are held in the frame using wire. The backing board is a soft dark grey and the wooden frame is stained and waxed to a dark brown-black finish and left without glass to allow the viewer to get up close and see the details.  The piece is signed by the artist and the frame comes with appropriate hanging wire.



Dimensions 4 × 26 × 33 cm

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