Selected ceramics exhibited at the 2011 MA show

MA students at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham exhibited their work at the MA show in August 2011. Those graduating that year showed their work alongside the part-time MA students graduating in Autumn 2012.

The event was a fantastic show-case of the students’ creativity and featured some outstanding work.

Here are a selection of images from the ceramics students’ work and links to their sites where available.

work by Deborah Thompson

Deborah Thompson

Deborah Thompson

Work by Orli Ivanov

Orli Ivanov

Orli Ivanov –

work by Jitka Schacherlova

Jitka Schacherlova

Jitka Schacherlova –

work by Fay de Winter

Fay de Winter

Fay de Winter –

work by Karen Meersohn

Karen Meersohn

Karen Meersohn –

work by Jane Pritchard

Jane Pritchard

Jane Pritchard –

work by Baz Manning

Baz Manning

Baz Manning

Claire Hincks

work by Claire Hincks

Claire Hincks –

work by Judy Dibiase

Judy Dibiase

Judy Dibiase –

work by Elaine Bolt

Elaine Bolt

Elaine Bolt –

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