“Contrasting tones and subtle forms…”
I create hand-thrown vessels in porcelain, using a pallet of chalk whites, stone greys and dark flint blacks. Some are combined with willow, wire and natural materials to create unique pieces in tones inspired by the Sussex landscape.

Twig vessel by Elaine Bolt

Wire and Willow Vessels

Stone Grey, Chalk White, Flint Black 

Elaine Bolt - Vessels

Woodland Vessels

Stone Grey, Chalk White, Flint Black 

Woodland Vessels by Elaine Bolt

Warp and Weft Vessels

Stone Grey, Chalk White, Flint Black 

Spool Vessel by Elaine Bolt

Porcelain Twig and Leaf Vessels

Chalk White, Flint Black 

Slip vessels

Thrown porcelain with layered slip and markings

All my vessels are individual. These images show examples of work I’ve made.
These exact pieces may not be available but are indicative of the work I produce.

See the ‘About‘ page to find out where my pieces are currently available.


Credits: Photographs on this page are by Alun Callender with Yeshen Venema (first three) and Elaine Bolt (Warp and Weft vessel group shot, porcelain leaf vessel and individual flint black vessel)