Collaborative projects enable ideas to emerge in unexpected ways and can lead to new collections of work or just new ways of thinking.


In early 2019, I worked with weaver Imogen Di-Sapia on a collaboration which resulted in a series of pieces developed in response to her hand-spun and hand-woven textiles . The pieces featured surface decoration in the form of repetitive lines and marks incised into the vessel or painted onto the surface. The markings reflected the soft lines created by the warp and weft of Imogen’s textiles.

The original collection was exhibited alongside Imogen’s ‘Selkie‘ textiles at a pop-up exhibition in Helsinki’s LOKAL gallery in February 2019. Elements of the design continue in my ‘Weft’ range of vessels.

Weft vessels by Elaine Bolt

Making Ground

Run across 2016-2017 the Making Ground project was an Arts Council funded collaboration between craftspeople and the land led by basket maker Annemarie O’Sullivan and myself. The Making Ground project ran for 12 months and involved creative exploration of materials and ideas inspired by working and exploring the land of a former clay brick site – using the clay and willow found and grown there.

The project included a series of workshops and exhibitions and the makers produced both ephemeral and enduring pieces using clay, willow and found objects from the site.

Ideas seeded during the project have had a lasting impact on the work I produce.

Read more about the Making Ground project on the (now archived) project site; find out about other collaborative projects in my blog stories