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In the Studio of Ceramic artist Elaine Bolt photographed by Alun Callender
In the Studio of Ceramic artist Elaine Bolt (photography by Alun Callender)

Working with clay; make a spoon, plate and cup
– at Ditchling Museum (Sold Out)

Date: Saturday 24 August 2019

Location: Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft

Elaine Bolt - spoon, plate and cup

Friday Morning – Throwing and Hand-building – at Forest Row School of Ceramics

I have a weekly class for 8 people at the lovely setting of Forest Row School of Ceramics starting this September. The term will be made up of 7 weeks throwing for all levels followed by a half term break, then 4 weeks of hand building with mixed media.

The throwing sessions will cover the basics of throwing with stoneware clay, including getting started, throwing cylinders, making bowl and bottle forms, joining thrown pieces and throwing off-the-hump. The throwing sessions will also include aspects on combining mixed media with your thrown work to create unique pieces.

Moving on to hand-building, the course will explore how hand-building can be a part of your repertoire as a maker. The sessions will cover coiling, slab-building and using mixed media in surface decoration and in combination with ceramic finished pieces.
Throwing Dates: 13 September – 25 October
Half Term: 28 October – 1 November
Hand-Building Dates: 8 November – 29 November

Fridays 9.30am – 12noon

Cost for the term: £275 plus a small charge for materials at the end of term, charged at 60p per 100 grams dry weight.

For further information or to reserve a place, email me
or email Katrina at Forest Row

Elaine Bolt - throwing; Photography by Thom Atkinson
Photography by Thom Atkinson

Porcelain with Found Objects

at The Clay Studio, Groombridge
Saturday 14th September 2019 – 10am – 4pm

On this one-day workshop, we will discover the distinctive properties of porcelain and how it can be used with found objects and natural materials to form unique mixed media objects and assemblages.

The workshop aims to inspire new ideas, explore porcelain and found materials, and lead to expressive approaches to working with clay.

The morning session will be used to explore different ways of working with porcelain and investigate ideas for combining porcelain and mixed media. Using found objects and natural materials as part of the making process, we will sample techniques such as mono-printing for surface decoration; add rust, metals and oxides for colour and texture; and explore how combustibles materials such as fabric, paper, and organic objects can be embedded to create different textures and effects.

In the afternoon session we will make pieces that can be combined with found objects, post-firing, to form a 3D composition or a mixed media vessel. Using techniques with porcelain including pinching, slab-building and rolling we will explore how handles and other attachments can be created using wire and wood.

The course is suitable for all levels including beginners. The fee of £120 includes all materials and clay used, a delicious lunch and refreshments.

For further information or to reserve a place, email me
or book a place on the Clay Studio website.

Elaine Bolt's studio shelf

Make ceramic spoons – a taster day

One day workshop at West Dean College

Learn basic hand building techniques in clay including pinching, coiling and slab rolling, to design and create your own porcelain spoons.

Date: Saturday 2nd November 2019

Location:  West Dean College

Elaine Bolt - Spindle Spoons
Spindle Spoons by Elaine Bolt

Ceramics with found objects – at West Dean College

Explore techniques with clay and found materials to form ceramic and mixed media assemblages. You will be encouraged to develop expressive work through experimenting and combining materials.

Dates: 28 February 2020 to 1 March 2020

Location: West Dean College

Ceramics and Mixed Media objects by Elaine Bolt (photograph: Yeshen Venema)
Ceramics and Mixed Media objects by Elaine Bolt (photograph: Yeshen Venema)

Throwing or making with Porcelain – taster day

Try throwing with porcelain or discover hand-building techniques at my Brighton workshop. A taster day runs from 10am – 4pm (or half days 10am – 1pm) on Thursdays or Saturdays.

The day’s session will cover throwing with porcelain on the potter’s wheel; including basic techniques of clay preparation, centring on the wheel, throwing a cylinder. Follow-up or advanced sessions can include turning/trimming vessels and adding handles.

Tailored hand-building sessions can include slab-building and coiling techniques in porcelain and stoneware.

The sessions are designed as taster days for beginners and those new to porcelain, or for those wishing to improve their existing skills.

Sessions will be held at Elaine Bolt’s ceramic workshop at Atelier 51, Providence Place Brighton, East Sussex. Any finished pieces will be glazed and fired separately by Elaine at a later date, using simple glazes in use at the studio. Finished pieces can be collected 8-10 weeks after the workshop date.

You will need to wear clothes you don’t mind getting splatted with clay(!) and sensible shoes.

Price includes all firing and glazing of the pieces you make. Tea and biscuits are  provided and available throughout the day. Lunch can be bought from local cafes or you can bring lunch and eat with me at the studio.

Taster day:
£170 for a one-to-one taster day
£150 each for a throwing taster day for two people
£120 each for a day hand-building with porcelain for three to four people

Morning taster workshop:
£90 for a one-to-one morning session
£80 each for a throwing morning session for two people
£65 each for a hand-building session for three to four people

LEVEL: Complete Beginners, Intermediate, or advanced
LOCATION: Atelier 51, Providence Place, Brighton BN1 4GE

Dates: contact me to find out about current availability

Elaine Bolt throwing with porcelain (image by Alun Callender)
Elaine Bolt throwing with porcelain (photography by Alun Callender)