“Objects can tell stories… here are some of mine…”

I create unique compositions with small objects in ceramic and mixed media. Either purely abstract, or forms suggesting unidentified utensils or obscure objects. These compositions often include ‘found’ and unusual materials. The pieces are arranged in museum-like displays and are created to trigger memories of the past, or hint at some mysterious origin.

Elaine Bolt Ceramics, Woodland Utensils (photograph by Yeshen Venema)

‘Woodland Utensils’ ceramic and mixed media assemblages


‘Horam Wood’ – ceramic and mixed media composition

'Horam Wood' mixed media collection by Elaine Bolt

‘Stone Buoy’ and ‘Night Buoy’ Ceramic and mixed media pieces

‘Dungeness’ and ‘Witterings’ Ceramic and mixed media compositions

All my objects are individual. These images show work I’ve made recently.
These exact pieces may not be available but are indicative of the work I produce.
See the ‘About‘ page to find out where my pieces are currently available.

Elaine Bolt Ceramics
Elaine Bolt ‘Curious Utensil’ detail