I have a special liking for slightly deserted landscapes with that abandoned dilapidated look going on. Dungeness on the Kent coast has to be my favourite place to experience this kind of atmosphere.                  Elaine_Bolt_Dungeness_rail

It’s a massive coastal ‘desert’ where fishing boats lie stranded on the vast stretch of shingle, slowly rusting and weathering away.   Elaine_Bolt_IMG_0556   There are plenty of people living here though, in all kinds of houses. Some old, some very smart and new. There’s also the nuclear power station of course (!), just to add to the sense of post-apocolyptic landscape. Derek Jarman created a beautiful, magical garden space in this strange landscape. There’s also a miniature railway taking day-trippers backwards and forwards. But if you walk away from that, towards the sea, there’s just the shingle and lichen and rust and fishing nets. This is my second visit in a couple of years but I still took hundreds of photos. It’s so inspirational I just want to keep going back.

I was careful not to change the scene – I want others to enjoy it as much as I do. But I did collect a very small bag of washed up flotsam from the shoreline – nothing that would take away from the landscape and nothing that too many other people would want, just newly fetched up little things that are replenished every day with every tide. But I’ll hopefully be making use of the some of these things – little bundles of fishing wire and beautifully weathered tiny sticks, if it’s only just to wonder at their beauty. Photos of my small collected flotsam to follow, hopefully soon.


5 thoughts on “Wilderness

  1. You know I’ve wanted to go there for so long. I have Derek Jarman’s book and both my parents and sister live in Kent but somehow I never make it there. Your post has confirmed to me that I must make the effort as it is obviously just my kind of place. Hope all is well Elaine.

    1. It’s a crazy place. Having lunch in the miniature railway cafe next to the nuclear power station gives a different vibe to things! But I do love it. The beauty of the dilapidated sheds and boats is just wonderful. Derek Jarman’s garden is lovely. I didn’t take photos this time as I have lots from our last visit, and we also have the book. But it’s well worth seeing.

  2. Really great images Elaine. PS Hope to see you at MADE London, you are in the spot I had the last time I did it, which was the first year of MADE! It’s nice, by the window, there’s a bit of space to tuck stuff away. I’m across the room from you, hopefully we can meet in the middle.

    1. Hi Carys, I am excited, but also a bit nervous about MADE. Thanks for the info about the stand, I’m glad it doesn’t sound like its a bad spot to be in. It’ll be really great to meet you!

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