Setting out

I’ve been focusing on compositions recently, bringing together individual elements that together form a single piece or create a ‘set’ There’s something about composing these elements that fascinates me. It also seems to satisfy my ideas about how my work can be displayed: contrasting porcelain with the dark terracotta.

The idea for the ‘grounds’ (the thrown terracotta bases) used in these pieces, is influenced by every day items as utilitarian as a tray or a placemat ready for dinner. For some pieces though they might also suggest an extended ‘shadow’ for the pots placed on it, or simply offer a visual boundary for grouped items.

Selected compositions, including those pictured, along with a range of my other pieces, have just been sent off to the very lovely Bils and Rye Gallery in Yorkshire.

8 thoughts on “Setting out

  1. Stunning body of work, Elaine. The ceramic “placemat” idea really further conjures up notions of domestic origins, or a setting that complements the objects and enforces the idea of “delicateness” to your gorgeous porcelain vessels. Have been browsing the Bils and Rye website – your work looks exceptional!

    1. Patricia what can I say, your comments are so uplifting and supportive. It’s so great to know that my work and the ideas behind it can make sense to others! As you know, working on your own and putting your ideas and creations out there can be pretty scary! So I’m just overwhelmed by your lovely comments. Thank you.

      1. I just ‘liked’ and shared your FB page. If your work is ever shown near the Northeast U.S. – please let me know. This latest body of work is just stunning!

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