New Range – Objects and Belongings

Elaine Bolt 'Milk Bottle' detailI’ve been working away at producing a new range of ceramics for my MA Show at UCA Farnham. Here is a selection of the new pieces that I’ve created.

For this range the tones are warmer and surfaces softer. Milky satin glazes are contrasted with dark matt clay surfaces. Some pieces belong together, others can shift and form different combinations. Compositions can be created with vessels and objects, sticks, spoons and other things…
The show will be at the James Hockey Gallery in Farnham, Surrey. It opens on the 31 August and runs to 7 September.

I will be there on the 31st and the 4th, so I hope to see you if you can make it. For more details on the show see MAde 2012 Farnham blog.


2 thoughts on “New Range – Objects and Belongings

  1. Elaine -what lovely work. I love the surface, the shapes, the spoons, the mix.
    My absolute favourite is the black plate with the two pods and the twig bundle (i use these descriptions of the objects loosely). I like the way you have the image from above, too, it reminds me of a Howard Hodgkin picture where he’s stuck on a stool top to be the moon.
    It’s triggered a thought about 2-d, 3-d, image v object, which I’m going to think out for my own blog, can I use your picture please? I’ll refer back of course.
    very very best wishes for the show, carys

    1. Carys, thank you so much, what lovely comments. I’m really glad you like the black plate composition. It’s one of my favourites too. I’d be very happy for you to use the image in your blog, it sounds like a really interesting subject. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog postings and the pictures of your work. Looking forward to the next one. Best wishes, Elaine

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